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Posted on 2010-12-31, tagged


Have now converted the brewery interface and smoker to Jeenodes and Node-RED.


Some movement on the BBQ stuff. Got it rigged up with an Akorn smoker and remotely displaying on our family dashboard.


Had to chill on these projects. I was getting way too fat and needed a hobby that me and my young boys can do together. So I sold off much of the brewery and smoker last year to fund RC's. I'll probably revisit the controllers again eventually.


Over the past couple of months progress has been made getting the brewery posting data to the webapp. The interface now displays the current boil kettle temp, the mash tun temp, and the current step in the brew process. Up next will be pulling the uploaded recipe in to the brewery panel, and getting the user authentication system connected to the brewery interface. Once that's done, I'll be able to push the code here to the live site.

7/30/10 Status - Just getting going here.

Below are a couple of webapps (placeholders for now) to control and monitor things in the real world from the web.

JunkTrunk Brewery Web Interface Updated 1/3/11

Pit Ninja Updated 11/24/13